Electric Booster Pump (EBP23) - Part No: 9050

The EBP23 is a ‘brushless’ 12 volt, high flow (23 litres / 6.08 gallons per minute), magnetically driven water pump. The EBP motor has no brushes to ever wear out and the pump is magnetically driven by the motor, which means that no shaft sealing is required. The many EBP applications include: booster for car heater and LPG systems, solar pump applications, water cooled motorcycle, go-kart engines, turbo air / water intercoolers & household irrigation. 


 Technical Specifications


 Kit Contents

Motor  12V Brushless   EBP23 1
Operating Voltage   9V to 15V DC   EBP Adaptors Reducer (19mm to 12mm) 2
Max Current Draw   1.3 Amps   Adaptor Hose (19mm) 2
Pump Design   Recirculating * Centrifugal   Hose Clamps 4
Drive   Magnetic – No seals   Mounting Brackets  1
Operating Temperature   -40C to +120C (-10F to +248F)   Installation Instructions  
Burst Pressure   250Kpa (36PSI)      
Flow Rate 23 L/min (6 gal/min)      
Head Pumping Pressure

0.25 Bar

3.62 PSI

Weight 364g (0.8 lbs)      
Max Head 2.2M      


The EBP®23 is designed to complement your existing Davies, Craig EWP (Electric Water Pump), or belt-driven mechanical water pump, or improve your heater and/or cooling system or assist engine block cooling circulation. The EBP can continually circulate coolant around the engine head, block and by-pass. It has a high flow capacity and has the advantage of running at a speed independent of the engine speed. The EBP® can also be set to continue running with a timer or thermal switch (not supplied) after engine shut down to prevent damaging heat soak.    

The compact EBP23 has been designed for a number of applications;

  1. Circulation Pump for LPG Vehicles – The EBP improves water circulation through the engine block to prevent LPG injector from icing up. Other advantages include a more even engine temperature and better engine cooling.
  2. Heater Booster Pump – The EBP increases heater performance during normal vehicle operation and enables continued heater usage when engine is off (but IGNITION is ON).
  3. Water Pump for Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Engines - The EBP provides liquid circulation independent of the engine speed to provide cooling at all levels. It may be used with the EWP Digital Controller to replace the existing water pump or used with an override switch to compliment the existing system.
  4. Multi-Purpose Pump – The EBP may be used in a number of different applications where flow is required, such as irrigation, camping, solar pumps, go-karts or marine operations.


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