Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit - Part No: 1035

The Updated Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit will monitor your engine’s coolant level and will immediately alert the driver should a low coolant situation develop. This cool updated digital monitor, which can be simply mounted in the driver’s compartment, boasts three (3) choices of audible alarm patterns and the facility to trigger louder external alarms such as your car horn!

The Inline Sensor Adaptor simply fits into your engine’s top radiator hose.


*Note: This Updated Low Coolant Level Alarm has superseeded Part #1030


The Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit consists of;

  • Compact Electronic Alarm Module – Dimensions, 120 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm
  • Mounting Pad
  • Nylon Inline Sensor Adaptor
  • Wiring Looms x 2
  • Hose Clamps x 2
  • Rubber Sleeve Adaptors 3 mm (1/8”) x 2
  • Installation Instructions


Features & Benefits
A cost-effective, efficient low coolant early warning protection device not supplied as standard equipment by vehicle manufacturers.

Accurately monitors coolant level in any engine with an electronic coolant surge delay built in to the module to help prevent false alarms.

Nylon Inline Sensor Adaptor which won’t produce electrolysis.
Conventional engine temperature gauges do not have audible alarms and may not detect initial coolant loss. A split radiator, radiator or heater hose will cause sudden coolant loss, engine temperature rapidly rises which may cause extensive engine damage. In some cases the gauge may drop, not rise when a sudden coolant loss is experienced.

The Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit is covered by Davies, Craig’s 2-Year written warranty.


Specifications ~ Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit #1030 & #1035

Part #



Operating voltage                   

12V only

12V or 24V

Display Type                  

One LED – Warning


4 x LED Lights

Power ON Indicator

Buzzer ON Indicator

Fan ON/OFF Indicator, Remote mount LED

Fan operation monitor



Audible Alarm

YES – One only

YES – 3 buzzer rhythms.

 Single, double or triple beep

Coolant level sensor (Nylon)


YES – with electronic coolant surge delay

External device activation/deactivation


YES – Can control an external relay to activate or deactivate ignition or external alarm

Start up

No indication

YES – flash LED and alarm at every set-up

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