Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit - Part No: 1030 (12 & 24V)

This kit is designed to alert you when the coolant level in your engine cooling system drops significantly from its full capacity. The loss of coolant in the engine cooling system will cause the water pump to lose prime, flow and pressure, resulting in loss of cooling performance and erosions at high engine speed and loads. Coolant loss from the system will result in excessive engine temperature which can lead to total engine seizure.


Part No. Description


0130  Alarm Module & Switch         1
0410  In-Line Adaptor    1
0615  Mount Pad (Velcro®)    1
8512  Hose Clamps    2
8510  3mm Sleeve Adaptor     2
0996  Instructions    1


The inline adaptor is designed to take a 38mm hose. 

With the use of the 3mm sleeve (included in kit), it can take a hose up to 44mm.

With the use of a 6mm sleeve (sold separately) , it can take a hose up to 50mm, Part No. 8511.


This new Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit will monitor the coolant level in engines and will immediately identify low coolant should this situation develop. This cool new device comes with a loud audible alarm and will help prevent an over-heating engine and significant engine failure.

The new Davies, Craig Low Level Coolant Alarm Kit simply fits into your engine’s top radiator hose. The Kit, will alert you immediately to the loss of engine system coolant. This kit’s module, mounted in the driving compartment, will sound an audible alarm should the engine coolant level drop. This situation may occur when a radiator hose splits or frays, a radiator springs a leak and the engine’s coolant is either low or lost. The vehicle’s simple temperature gauge will not alert the driver to this event and the Low Level Coolant Alarm adds security to assist monitor your engine’s coolant level. Loss of engine coolant can cause the water pump to lose pressure and will quickly develop into to an overheated engine. Most engine temperature protection systems and gauges will not detect coolant loss as they rely on sensing the coolant temperature. When the coolant is lost, the gauges cannot sense engine temperature and as such expensive engine failure may occur.

Davies, Craig’s Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit eliminates these anxieties by alerting the driver that coolant has reached a dangerously low level. This warning allows the driver enough time to take preventative action before major engine damage occurs.



  • Effective and efficient early warning low coolant device normally not supplied as standard equipment by vehicle manufacturers.
  • Major engine failures are caused by undetected coolant loss.
  • Accurately monitors the coolant level in any engine.
  • The conventional engine temperature gauge may not detect coolant loss and in some cases may drop, not rise when a sudden coolant loss is experienced.
  • Or, your vehicle’s engine temperature gauge may show the rise in temperature but it will not alert you via an audible alarm.
  • A split radiator or heater hose will cause sudden coolant loss, engine temperature rapidly rises which may cause extensive engine damage.
  • The Low Coolant Alarm Kit is offered with a Davies, Craig 2-Year warranty.

In-Line Adaptor.jpgLow Coolant Alarm Controller.jpg


Part Number / Description / Units
0130 Alarm Module & Switch 1
Part Number / Description / Units
0410 In-Line Adaptor 1
Part Number / Description / Units
0615 Mount Pad (Velcro®) 1
Part Number / Description / Units
8512 Hose Clamps 2
Part Number / Description / Units
8510 3mm Sleeve Adaptor 2
Part Number / Description / Units
0996 Instructions 1

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