Announcing The Arrival of The New Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan/EWP Switch: Part #0500

07/03/2019 12:00AM

At Davies Craig we continue to push the boundaries when it comes to offering premium and economical products, and our new product is proof. The new 52mm round gauge fan and EWP Switch has been developed to complement what our innovative Digital Thermatic Fan Switch value-pack (#0444) offers, with different features and a facelift uniquely designed by the team here at Davies Craig.

At a glance, the new Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan/EWP Switch projects bright, attractive and compact high visibility with a 52mm round LED digital display for easy reading and quick adjustment. But when put under the spotlight, this product offers much more.

Set Temperature: An easy to reach and convenient push-button allows the user to accurately set/target temperature for automatic activation of the Thermatic Fan #1 and Fan #2 at independent temperatures when extra cooling is vital. These numbers are displayed accordingly on the digital gauge.

Easy Installation: The Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan/EWP Switch provides simple and straight-forward installation instructions to avoid issues throughout the setting up process.

A/C Override: Not only does the new gauge offer fan override by A/C control, users are also given independent control of A/C override (Fan #1 or Fan #2, or both).

Temp Warning Indicator: One new critical feature added to the digital gauge is the temperature warning indicator. When temperatures rise to critical levels, an audible alarm sounds and the temperature is also read out.

Temperature Detection Range: The detection range of the new Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan/EWP Switch has an increased temperature detection range 0°c (32°f) to 130°c (266°f), with the ability to incrementally adjust when necessary.

Looking at thermatic switches #0401, #0444, and #0500 side-by-side illustrates the differences between  the three highly successful products, which can be viewed below…

Specifications ~ Thermatic Switches #0401, #0444 & #0500


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