Austin-Healey – Electric Water Pumps (EWP®)

19/12/2019 12:00AM

Chris Hamilton is the restoration manager at The Healey Factory in Melbourne. These pert British open top cars have a strong following and embody the best of small car design from their era. Chris shows off one excellent example of these machines, complete with an alloy blocked engine that’s been increased in capacity to 4.4L from the original 2.9L.

Chris has fitted a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) and a Thermatic® Fan specifically to counteract the older British cars propensity for serious overheating in stationary traffic. Although he doesn’t specify which model EWP®, Chris does say it’s a larger flow model in order to cope with the flow demands of the larger engine. And as a customer service offering for those that seek out their specialist services, Chris always recommends that the owner should fit a Davies Craig EWP® for exactly the same reason. Chris sees it as insurance, that peace of mind to ensure that there are no overheating problems.

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