Beyond the Factory: Upgrading to Performance Cooling Systems

29/04/2017 01:00AM

With significant advances in engine technology, higher horsepower and subsequent torque figures are being created. With these increases additional heat is generated placing extra demands on the engine’s thermal management system. Electronics and new technologies are now playing a greater role in cooling engines and delivering excellent results. Traditional mechanical cooling systems rely on an engine/belt-driven iron-age water pump, a restrictive thermostat, and a radiator — all of which add considerable weight and consume horsepower. While these mechanical systems have met basic cooling needs for several decades, the pace of change for engine cooling management is heating up with the onset of threats of global warming, spiraling gas prices and Government Regulators keen to drive down vehicle emissions.

Sophisticated new cooling systems enable the internal combustion engine to operate at higher temperatures with far greater efficiency. The innovations also provide more precise thermal management required for fuel cell and hybrid power train systems.

These smarter cooling systems feature rapidly evolving technologies: high performance electric water pumps, such as Davies Craig’s Electric Water Pumps (EWP)®, patented LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller and Electric Booster Pumps (EBP®) to complement speed controllable Thermatic® Fans thus reducing parasitic power loss which is achieved by controlling and varying the coolant flow rate commensurate with engine temperature and independent of the engine's speed. This vastly improves performance in demanding motor racing applications. Importantly, it can also provide heat soak protection and continues coolant circulation and air flow even after the engine is switched off.

Engine management systems are evolving rapidly, and thermal management systems are adapting to keep pace. The performance, efficiency, and environmental benefits provided by the enhanced cooling system technology provided by Davies Craig Pty Ltd are compelling. These advantages will no doubt become even more crucial as environmental regulations continue to increase, along with consumer demands for more fuel-efficient, higher horsepower vehicles.

There are some significant horsepower and torque gains should the mechanical water pump and mechanical fan be removed and replaced with a Davies Craig EWP® Electric Water Pump and Electric Fan. Depending on the cubic capacity of the engine many owners have either blanked off the mechanical water pump or removed the impellor/s and mechanical fan. Either way the mechanical water pump will operate in unison with any model EWP® and vice versa. Extra horsepower and better throttle response will be achieved if you remove the impellor/s or the water pump entirely.

The latest addition to the Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump EWP® cooling technology range is the alloy EWP®150 Electric Water Pump. This high tech product offers unsurpassed cooling efficiency for medium to high capacity engines. The alloy EWP®150 is a more compact, lightweight (only 2lbs), which delivers a flow rate of 40 gal/min (150 l/min). The unique compact design of the alloy EWP®150 allows for easy remote fitting in a tight engine compartment on the bottom radiator hose. The inlet and outlet sizes are 1½” (38mm) and both have internal AN-16 threads to enable end-users to adapt screw-in fittings if required. With the efficient low current draw ‘pancake’ motor built into the alloy pump body, the EWP®150 offers a cooler environment in which to perform. The EWP® motor is kept cool by the engine’s coolant as it passes through the pump’s volute chamber thus producing excellent air-free coolant flow and operating temperature for all conditions. The unique Davies Craig LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will manage the performance of both the Electric Water Pump and Electric Fan. This patented Controller, which becomes the engine’s new ‘thermostat’ will manage the coolant flow commensurate with the engine’s temperature and will automatically turn on the fan at +3°C above the set/targeted temperature, which is normally set at the manufacturer’s thermostat temperature for efficient operation.

All Davies Craig Electric Water Pump Combo Kits come complete for simple do-it-yourself ‘plug and play’ installation, with a comprehensive booklet of instructions.

Davies Craig has an extensive range of EWP® Adaptor Kits to suit various model engines.

Kits are available for;

  • LS Engines
  • Coyote 5.0 Engine
  • Small Block/Big Block Chevys
  • Ford Windsor & Big Block Engines
  • EWP® Mounting Bracket