Big Knob Racing prepares for 2018 DLRA Speedweek

26/01/2018 10:00AM

Preparations are in full swing for Norm Hardinge’s Big Knob Racing for the 2018 Dry Lake Racers Association Speed Week on Lake Gairdner in March. Taking place on the Labour Day long weekend (Vic only), Speedweek is Australia’s largest salt racing event and attracts competitors from across the globe.

Davies Craig has been a longtime supporter of Norm and the Big Knob Racing Program, who are the pioneers behind Australia’s fastest Hot Rod. Their 1934 Ford Roadster is kept cool by two Davies Craig EWP150 Electric Water Pumps, one for each side of the block to even out coolant flow and control engine temperature. Additionally, dual Davies Craig 14” High Performance Thermatic Fans (1500 CFM each) are fitted to the rear mounted Aussie Desert Cooler radiators. This package ensures the super-fast roadster is capable of maintaining constant temperature levels despite the harsh natures of dry salt lake racing.

After coming perilously close to the 200mph mark in 2017, the team returns in 2018 with hopes of cracking the 200mph barrier for the first time since Bonneville Speedweek in 2016. We wish Norm the best of luck out on Lake Gairdner and look forward to providing you with an update upon his return.