Cooling Your Stag by Triumph

04/06/2015 03:04PM 0 Comment(s)

A Triumph Club Stag owner devised a step by step Electric Water Pump (EWP) conversion kit.


In combination with a 16” Thermatic Fan (#0066) and the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller, which forms part of the EWP Combo Pack, will vastly improve your Stag engine’s cooling system control, increases engine power by eliminating the parasitic power losses associated with your mechanical water pump.


Mods performed include.

  • Overflow bottle replaced by expansion bottle.
  • Davies, Craig EWP115 Electric Water Pump fitted.
  • EWP/Fan Digital Controller fitted.
  • Removed original fan & fitted a Davies, Craig 16” Thermatic electric fan.
  • Air bleed on rear of right hand head.
  • Air gaps around radiator blocked off.
  • Air flow blocked inside the front guards.

icon_pdf.jpgSee the full article here: Stag cooling mods compressed

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