Davies Craig - A Solution To Overheating Engines

15/03/2019 12:00AM

The summer nightmare, a loaded car, Mum, Dad, three kids, the pets and luggage, top up the fuel tank, and hit the road. Half way to your holiday destination, coolant temperature gauge hits the red line! Pull over, bonnet up and steam pouring from the radiator and coolant floods onto the ground!

Automotive cooling systems have been streamlined in the last three decades. This includes coolant types, radiator manufacturing and materials and associated engine coolant parts such as hoses and of course, there is computerised engine management systems.

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd is Australia’s premium aftermarket supplier of automotive engine cooling products and with plenty of older vehicles still on Aussie roads, Davies Craig stands well placed to provide the appropriate equipment for all engine cooling requirements.

Engine cooling systems once relied heavily on a Mechanical Water Pump (MWP). These are belt-driven and are generally integrated into the engine block. The earlier radiator construction wasn’t as sophisticated and plain tap water was generally the chosen cooling fluid.  Moving into the 21st century and the cooling efficiencies have moved forward. Water is not the single cooling liquid which has now been mixed with anti-boil, anti-freeze glycol-based fluid to prevent the build-up of calcium scale which blocks cooling system passages and eventually leads to core blockage and engines overheating.

Davies, Craig is a 50-year old Australian manufacturer which has been designing  Thermatic electric fans and Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) plus supplies Installation Instructions for simple, do-it-yourself fitment. Thermatic Switches and the patented LCD/Fan Digital Controller read coolant temperatures commensurate with engine temperatures. For example, a pre-set/ targeted temperature will allow the electric engine fan to be automatically switched on and allows both the EWP® and the Electric Fan to run-on after hot engine shut-down. Bing electrically powered, there’s no demands on the engine’s mechanical power delivery, which aids fuel economy.

An added bonus to a EWP® installation is the weight saving. Up to three kilos may appear incidental but over time will reduce wear and tear on belts and pulleys in the engine bay.

Davies, Craig manufacturers a range of EWPs offering specific flow rates up to 150 litres/min. There are pumps and accessories to suit low volume engines or older vehicles used for historic club drive days. There are accessories to suit the varying voltage systems, from 6, 12 volt to 24 volt, and Electric Booster Pumps EBP®s for those that prefer the two wheeled mode of transport.

Davies, Craig is also able to provide EWP® systems for modern vehicles as well as Transmission Oil Coolers; these cooling products are suitable for those who wish to ensure their cars, SUV, 4WDs etc. used for heavy payload situations and constant towing will also never suffer the humiliation of the roadside bonnet up call for help.

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