Davies Craig Adds Tyreguard 300 TPMS to Tyre Protection Range!

21/01/2017 05:00AM

Australian owned and operated manufacturer Davies Craig today launched another innovative Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, TyreGuard 300 for use on Android and iOS mobile phones. The Davies Craig TyreGuard 300 is a unique electronic tyre safety monitoring system, featuring a simple, do-it-yourself installation that can be completed within minutes.

Download the free app, plug in the Bluetooth supported transceiver to a DC plug in your vehicle, and screw on the four numbered lightweight TyreGuard valve sensors with the anti-theft locking nuts supplied. Once installed, all four real-time individual tyre temperatures and pressures will be displayed on your mobile phone. The screw-on tyre sensors are very light and therefore no wheel balancing is required.


The four TyreGuard 300 wireless sensors constantly monitor air pressure and temperature, with data being simultaneously displayed on your mobile phone via a free app. Visual and audible warnings are transmitted immediately to your mobile phone for 10 seconds should;

1) Tyre pressure level drop 15% below the set pressure

2) Tyre pressure level drop 25%     “        “     “       “

3) Tyre pressure level drop 50%     “        “     “       “

4) Tyre pressure level rises 20% above the set pressure

5) Air temperature in tyre rises above 75°C


Davies Craig TyreGuard 300 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System can be easily and quickly switched to another vehicle. Each sensor has a replaceable long-life button style battery.

Click here to check out the TyreGuard 300