Davies Craig Continues Support of OUMF

23/11/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig has a long standing reputation for helping out small teams in motorsport. They’ve assisted again, with the OUMF, or Oxford University Motorsport Foundation. They’re a link for people studying engineering in the U.K. that wish to get a doorway open for them to enter motorsport.

The OUMF run two classic cars, a Riley One Point Five, with one dedicated to rallying, the other to circuit racing. The car itself was built between 1957 and 1965. Davies Craig have stepped in with both cars using their hi-flow EWP-130.

The OUMF teaches students the value of working with minimal resources, minimal tools, and parts. In a psychological aspect, it also forces members to think well outside the box and provide creative solutions.

The 2017 Historic Ypres Rally was one example. The rally Riley had taken a heavy shunt.  Working throughout the night and with that minimalism in mind, it paid off handsomely, with the car repaired roadside, and restarting the next morning. The result was 22nd overall.

A year later the car entered the 2018 rally after a substantial stripdown and rework. GDM Motorsport had rebuilt the Riley’s cooling system and plumbed in the Davies Craig EWP-130. A rebuilt engine and clutch system was installed. Toyo supplied the R888R rubber and the OUMF Riley, resplendent in its new coat of Lesonal Birch Grey, was rolled out.

Some cog issues were found, and after some overnight work, the team finished 58th overall from 100 entrants.

The racing Riley was given a new lithium-ion battery which saved nine kilos and powered the Davies Craig EWP-130. This helped the Riley Racer in the Historic Racing Drivers Club opening round at Silverstone.

The Riley completed the warm-up, race, and the drive home, and capped it off by winning their class.

The OUMF with the support of Davies Craig will continue to open doors for those wishing to take their hands from a book and dip them into the well of motorsport.