Davies Craig Electric Booster Pumps

24/11/2017 10:00AM

The Davies Craig’ range of Electric Booster Pumps are a lower output alternative to the ever popular Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps. Suitable for a number of applications such as water-cooled motorcycles, go-kart engines, household irrigation, 4WD Caravan applications, air to water intercoolers for turbo cars among others. The Electric Booster Pumps (EBP) are a brushless 12 or 24 volt, high flow, magnetically driven water pump.

Unlike other pumps, the EBP does not feature any brushes to wear out, rather being driven magnetically by the motor, meaning that no shaft sealing is required. There is only one moving part, the impeller, which is floating in the coolant.

Davies Craig’s range of EBP’s are available in flow rates from 15 L/min (4gal/min) up to 37 L/min (9.8 gal/min) at 12 & 24 volt. Designed with universal fitment in mind, the EBP can be used to compliment a vehicle’s existing mechanical belt-driven water pump utilising a simple, DIY installation. The pump chamber is hermetically sealed for trouble free operation. The ease of installation, low current draw, high flow capacity and long life makes the EBP ideal for a range of applications.

To find out more about Davies Craig’s range of Electric Booster Pumps, click here.