Davies Craig Electric Water Pump v Mechanical Water Pump

15/09/2017 09:00AM

Mechanical water pumps are one of the very few remaining parts of a car that have remained unchanged throughout recent automotive history. To solve the issue of automotive cooling, Davies Craig manufactures their state of the art remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps (EWP®), which are redefining the way engines maintain an optimal operating temperature. In this article we’ll take a quick look at the pair and discuss why the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump is a level above the iron-age mechanical water pump.

Mechanical water pumps are a belt driven pump that runs in conjunction with the operation of the crank, giving the cooling system extremely little flexibility in maintaining an optimal operating temperature. This is particularly of issue in situations where engine coolant is pumped through an engine excessively, thus wasting horsepower. The parasitic power loss can be up to 10Kw and an Electric Water Pump will allow this power to be redirected to the driveline.

By releasing the strain on an engine that a mechanical water pump inflicts, the installation of an EWP® will result in an immediate increase in power and improved fuel efficiency. A Davies Craig EWP® is operated totally independently of the engine, drawing very little DC current at maximum flow, allowing coolant to be pumped at precisely the correct flow. When coupled with a Davies Craig LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller, a Davies Craig EWP® allows the customer an unprecedented level of control over the engine temperature and operating characteristics of their engine.

With these points considered, the move to ditch the traditional mechanical water pump for a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump is really a no-brainer. For more information on this industry leading technology visit our EWP® product page.