Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps as an OE Replacement

24/08/2018 09:00AM

Traditionally, Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps have been used to increase the cooling capabilities of cars where a mechanical water pump is being replaced. However, as electric water pumps begin to find themselves on more and more new cars, the demand has risen for an aftermarket replacement for these OE pumps.

European and Japanese car manufacturers have over the last decade moved towards an electric water pump setup due to the inherent advantages of the product such as increased power and increased fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, as many European and Japanese car owners are aware, the cost of replacement parts on these cars can be quite expensive and the electric water pump is no exception.

This is where Davies Craig enters the picture, we manufacture Electric Water Pumps to suit a wide range of modern car applications by replacing the original, expensive electric water pump. From 80 litres/minute (EWP80) up to 150 litres/minute (EWP150), we manufacture electric water pumps to suit most OE applications.

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