Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps – Common Questions Answered

30/11/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig are renowned as a market leader when it comes to after-market cooling for cars, trucks, and anything else with two, four, or more wheels. Alongside their extensive fan range is a just as extensive range of EWP or Electric Water Pumps. Due to that broad range there are plenty of questions that buyers will have, in this article we will answer a few of these most frequently asked questions.

Can I mix water wetter, glycol and/or anti-freeze products in my cooling system when fitted with an EWP?

Most people are aware that water on its own is not a great thing for keeping cars cool. A question that the Davies Craig service team get asked a lot is about the fluids in a cooling system, such as water wetter, glycol, or anti-freeze products. Davies Craig’s research and engineering have ensured that the EWP range is fully compatible with a mix of liquids thanks to the type of Nylon material used in construction.

How much water pressure can a Davies Craig EWP handle?

Heavy duty applications such as constant towing have our customers ask about high pressure suitability. Davies Craig’s pumps are suitable for most pressure ranges, however if extra capability is needed, a pair of pumps mounted and wired in series will do the trick. A great example is being able to flow a hefty 19 litres per minute, here Davies Craig would recommend a pair of their EWP115 pumps which will flow a higher amount as a slightly lower pressure or pump 19L/min at around 17psi.

Which Davies Craig EWP will best suit my vehicles engine?

One of our easiest questions to answer is about which pump to use for a certain car or even motorbike. With four electric booster pumps starting with the EBP15 for 15 litres per minute all the way up to the EWP150, part of the range of five electric water pumps, all designed to provide different flow rates, Davies Craig will have plenty of options available. Just let our team know which car and engine you have.

What benefits will the Davies Craig EWP give my engine over an existing belt driven mechanical water pump?

Of course, people may be a bit skeptical about the benefits of using an EWP. Straight up, by using the electrical system, engine power normally diverted and increasing fuel consumption doesn’t happen. Therefore the engine works less harder and more efficiently. Also, the fans and water pumps when working together only provide cooling flow when required, not unnecessarily.

Where do I mount the Davies Craig EWP?

Naturally it then begs the question of where an electric water pump gets fitted. Davies Craig recommends a section of radiator pipe at the base of the cooling tower be cut out, with that section being measured to fit the EWP you’ve chosen. This allows the pump to flow efficiently and move with the natural flex and vibrations of the car.

To find out more about the Davies Craig EWP, visit our product page by clicking here.