Davies Craig EWP® Electric Water Pumps – Maintenance tips

30/04/2019 12:00AM

Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps, Thermatic Fans, Fan Digital Switches, the patented EWP/Fan Digital Controller and associated equipment are like any other part of a car in one critical area. Maintenance.

Virtually all the products from Davies Craig are sealed units, which means they’re protected against dirt and moisture. Electronics are solid state, meaning no moving parts to wear out. However, some exposed areas will need watching, just like standard parts.

Electrical connectors are perhaps the ones to watch the most. If it’s unavoidable to have exposed metal parts then a dab of grease or a lubricant will offer protection. Some electronic retail stores may have silicon or rubber “boots” which will cover the exposed part.

One great thing about the EWPs that Davies Craig sell is that they’re far less prone to wear unlike a mechanical water pump. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to switch the system on and have a listen to the EWP itself. What may be heard is a whirr, a slight rattle, a mechanical noise that shouldn’t be there. These could be a sign that a visit to a Davies Craig authorized stockists may be needed, just to check things out. Alternatively, reaching out to us via our contact us page or social channels.

If a visual inspection of the car’s engine cooling system shows seepage, or leakage, of fluid, particularly of a green hue, this could indicate a gasket failure or perhaps a part is slowly working its way loose. If a gentle adjustment with a socket or spanner shows bolts are tight, then a visit to your workshop or your local friendly mechanic with details of your Davies Craig equipment could pay off in nipping a potential issue in the bud.

Have you had any unusual Davies Craig equipment issues? Tell us what went wrong and how it was fixed at through our social channels.