Davies Craig EWP® Part 4 – How To Install The EWP®

05/09/2019 12:00AM

Research and Development. They’re three words that are barely a blip on the radar when it comes to consumers and products. Davies Craig has plenty of experience in this field because its staff is committed to constant improvement.

Our EWP®s are designed from scratch to be easy to use and easy to install.

Part of R&D is working out where best to place an EWP®.  Most are easily fitted to the lower radiator hose of your car. The hose will absorb vibration and take the weight of the EWP®  and also insulate the EWP form engine vibration.

It’s best to ensure that the pump is lined up with the radiator inlet and outlet of the radiator. ... that the belt-driven mechanical pump  can

Another reason why the pump is located low down is to ensure that minimal air intrusion occurs. The air in the coolant flow will affect the efficiency and possibly disturb the impeller’s work rate.

Should an installation be desired in the upper radiator hose, the pump’s outlet must be pointed upwards. Again, air getting into the system should be minimised.

Wiring will be dependent on the choice of installation. A wiring diagram in the kit shows how each plug connects, and how a digital controller, to be fitted in the cabin, is wired.

As there are a couple of mounting options, our next installment will be using an EWP® as an auxiliary pump to the mechanical pump.