Davies Craig EWP®150 Comparison (Video)

26/06/2019 12:00AM

There are billeted electric water pumps and there are remote-mounted electric water pumps. Davies Craig is a well-known and a well respected leader in the automotive aftermarket cooling equipment space for supplying state-of-the-art remote-mounted universal range of  Electric Water Pumps. There are a number of reasons for this and one of those is the Research and Development we put into our products.

This is important because if we make a claim that a product will do something, such as our EWP® 150 pumping 150 litres of fluid per minute, we should be able to back that up.

Recently we put our EWP® 150 to the test, and in order to really put it under pressure, we added in a factor of competition. We took one of our competitor’s water pumps and put the two up against each other to see if their claim could be backed up.

The competitor’s pump is said to pump 55 US. gallons per minute. In our lingo that’s 45 gallons per minute, or 208L per minute. The EWP® 150’s rate was tested at 40 US. gallons per minute, which equates to a breath over 150L per minute.

As it turned out, the Davies Craig EWP® 150 not only drained the test tank quicker than the competitor, it did so by a good margin. Adding to this was the compact size of the EWP® 150 in comparison to the competitor. Attached to separate pipes the Davies Craig EWP® 150 is clearly more compact and also quieter in its operation.

What does this mean for the consumer? It means that our R&D, and our engineering and design teams, combine to say that our claim of 150L per minute is completely provable and that a more compact and lightweight unit can certainly do the job in a manner demonstrably more able than larger units.

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