Davies Craig In The Real World - Drifting

24/07/2019 12:00AM


Drifting has proven to be a fantastic testing ground for Davies Craig products, and Swedish drift driver Andreas Forsberg knows the value of using premium cooling products.

Like many drifters, Forsberg powers his motorsport desires in the form of a Nissan coupe, and in his case the extremely popular Silvia or 200SX. Motivation comes from the opposition, a tried and proven Toyota 1JZ. The base engine came in a 2.5L or 3.0L size in a straight six configuration. Early donks were a non-turbo, with later motors featuring a pair of CT12A turbos. Power in standard trim was 206kW and peak torque was 363Nm.




Andreas says his reworked engine makes a hefty 650 rear wheel horsepower and torque is a gearbox testing 783Nm. When lighting up the tracks, power hits the ground via a Mid Valley “dog box” with four forward gears.

But it’s the engine that needs the cooling and Andreas said Davies Craig’s Electric Water Pump (EWP®) was a natural fit. His specifications for an EWP® were simple: small, easy to fit, and able to be mounted close to that monster engine to maximize fluid flow as quickly as possible.

Reliability and history also appealed to the affable Swede, with Andreas stating unequivocally that he chose Davies, Craig as they were THE number one in the business.





On the other side of the border is Norwegian drift team Sindre Davanger Racing. Sindre was inspired by the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift film, and in May 2013 found himself a Nissan 200SX. Sindre campaigned the car with its then SR20 engine before slotting in a 2JZ twin turbo “donk”. These were well known as being the driving force in Toyota’s legendary Supra.

Sindre says that on pump petrol the revamped engine develops 500 ponies at the rear wheels, enough to have the 200SX fitted out with a fiberglass body and a proper tube-frame chassis. With a twinkle in his eye Sindre wouldn’t divulge the torque figure, but hinted at a substantial figure that the BMW sourced gearbox and diff could handle. Weight distribution and cooling has been aided by the team moving the radiator to behind the driver’s seat, with Sindre saying the Davies, Craig EWP® were the only choice to feed cooling fluid to the rear.





Again reliability was seen as a number one priority. Sindre had asked around, spoken to other drivers, and the feedback was overwhelmingly DC. An attractive local price sweetened the deal, says a smiling Sindre, and in competition conditions he reports that there have been zero issues, taking as much pounding as the powerful 2JZ engine with 6262 turbo and 1400cc injector system can deliver.

Davies Craig is recognized worldwide for their range of Electric Water Pumps, Digital Controllers, Thermatic® Fans, and more. Here are two great examples of how a Davies Craig EWP® cope with the rigours of extreme motorsport, and if they work here, they’re good enough to handle your car.

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