Davies Craig Is The Direct Course For Cooling

18/06/2019 12:00AM

Performance cars, normal cars, cars towing caravans, and hot rods all have one thing in common. Well, two, actually. One is that they’re designed to produce and deal with some impressive numbers in speed, horsepower, and fuel consumption. The second is that they all need some serious cooling.

Davies Craig is a huge supporter of motorsport and is able to lend vast reserves of experience to people, teams, and companies around the globe. We’ve been to the salt flats of Bonneville, worked with British universities, and run with Aussies here in Australia.

Aftermarket companies have come and gone, and with Davies Craig due to celebrate the big five-Oin a couple of years, it means we’ve been doing something right. There’s ongoing R&D to ensure our existing products remain at the leading edge of their field, and improvements built in to upcoming designs so they’re on the mark when they’re ready for sale.

One place we’ve been to, the Bonneville saltflats, was along with Greenspeed Research from Idaho.  They’re a little different in that they took a tilt at speed records with a vehicle powered by biodiesel.

Running a two door ute, and fitted with a pair of Davies Craig EWP®150’s, the green machine saw top speeds of over 240 kilometres per hour. The renewable energy powered racer was able to complete a number of trouble-free runs at around the 150-170 mph mark. The team gained valuable insight into what kind of immense pressure running cars in this extreme environment have to deal with, and the requirements to stay cool. There’s a good chance they’ll be back at Bonneville this year, and we’ll be there to help.

John Crowhurst knows all too well how Davies Craig’s EWP®150s work. John runs a vehicle that is, to say the least, both unusual and historic. Our EWP®150s are bolted into a chassis of car that’s largely hand built, looking like a blower Bentley from the 1930s. Power comes from a piece of aeronautical history.

Based on the same engine that spun the propellers of Spitfires, and sporting the same name as Britain’s first frontline jet fighter, Meteor, John called in the help that Davies Craig provides with their products, and the EWPs help cool his engine, all twenty seven litres capacity’s worth.

We don’t mind a bit of tarmac action either. Along with the normal assistance provided to car buyers, caravanners, and the like, we’ve worked with straight line speed demon Josh Backes to help his drag Chevelle keep its cool.

Capable of flattening a quarter mile in just 11 seconds, thanks to a 400ci V8, Josh had fitted a Davies Craig EWP®150 and a Davies Craig 16 inch puller fan which went a long way to lowering his once plus 12 second times. With drag race engines also needing to stay as cool as possible, even in a short run thanks to heat soak afterwards, our tried and proven in combat equipment that’s helped people like Josh, John, and the good people at Greenspeed, will be there to help your car stay cool in just about every environment.

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