Davies Craig launches revised EWP® Header-Adaptor Kit to suit LS Series engines!

09/01/2020 12:00AM

Australian-owned and operated manufacturer, Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has launched an enhanced EWP® Header-Adaptor to suit GM Generation III & IV SB engines. This beautifully crafted LS Series Header-Adaptor has been engineered to replace the belt-driven mechanical water pump, thermostat and to accompany the installation of a Davies Craig remote-mounted Electric Water Pump (EWP®) and LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller Combo Pack.

These iconic GM V8 engines are becoming the ‘transplant/crate’ engine of choice, renowned for their light weight and basic high horsepower output. The Davies Craig Electric Water Pump Header-Adaptor, coupled to one of the EWP®115, EWP®130 or EWP®150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kits frees up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps! This Header-Adaptor replaces the belt-driven mechanical water pump, provides more efficient coolant flow, engine warm-up and cooling, eliminates heat soak and increases engine horsepower.

For its research and development program with this latest innovation, Davies Craig purchased a Walkinshaw V8 Commodore equipped with a LS engine. The prototype of this latest version was installed along with a EWP®150 Electric Water Pump and LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller and rigorously road tested for a number of months. During this period the car was placed on the world-renowned Dyno Dynamics’ dynamometer at its Bayswater Headquarters and given a very solid work-out. The throttle response was the first most noticeable improvement, once the belt-driven mechanical water pump was removed. This advanced Davies Craig EWP® Header-Adaptor allows end-users to enjoy superior engine cooling technology using Davies, Craig’s Electric Water Pump (EWP®) and the LCD EWP®/Fan Controller Combo Pack.

Deleting the existing mechanical iron-age water pump from the front of the engine block also frees up valuable space, allowing for the installation of a high performance 14” or 16” Davies Craig Thermatic® electric fans!

EWP® Header-Adaptor Kit (Part #8670) consists of the following components;

  • 1 – Adaptor Block
  • 1 – Adaptor Back Plate  
  • 2 – Adaptor Spacer
  • 1 – Plate Gasket
  • 4 – Spacer Gasket
  • 1 – Outlet -16AN to 38mm (1½") Hose Fitting
  • 1 – Inlet -12AN to 38mm (1½") Hose Fitting
  • 1 – Inlet Plug -12AN
  • 2 – ½” NPT 19mm (3/8”) Hose fitting  
  • 1 – Heater Return fitting
  • 2 – Hose Clamps
  • 1 – Screw-type Belt Tensioner
  • 1 – 6PK1560 Belt
  • 11 – M5 Flange Bolts


  • Davies Craig’s EWP®150 Combo Kit, Part #8970 (recommended)
  • Top/Bottom Radiator Hoses (Retained)
  • Mechanical Water Pump Bolts (Retained)
  • Heater Hose and Joiners (if required) 


The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller mounts comfortably in the vehicle for instant visibility and access, monitoring your engine’s coolant temperature and a suite of other specific functions. These include monitoring of the EWP® and Electric Fan operations, voltage, high and low temperatures as well as diagnostic checks of the Thermal Sensor and set/targeted temperature.

This LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller Part #8002 is now supplied in a ‘slimmed down’ more compact version with extra solid mounting options at both the top and rear of the unit, along with the existing Velco patch. The Connector Plug is now hidden at the base of the Controller.

The LCD screen shows the present engine coolant temperature at a glance! There are also symbols to indicate EWP and Fan operation, current voltage and audible alarm if the set/targeted temperature exceeds 10c or if coolant temperature has not reached 40c within 5 mins of ignition.

When used in conjunction with a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) this Digital Controller allows your engine to warm up quicker as it 'pulses' the EWP® until the engine is warm and then controls the pump speed to maintain the target engine temperature. The controller will also run the pump after engine shut down to eliminate heat soak (3 mins or until the temp is 10 deg C below the target temp).

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller is factory set to 85c and can be simply set at any incremental temperature between 40c and 110c. Set the temperature you desire, normally at the manufacturer’s thermostat temperature and allow the Controller manage the rest.

The brass Thermal Sensor equipped with a ¼” NPT thread can be mounted either in the top radiator hose with the Nylon Adaptor supplied, the top of the radiator adjacent to the hot water inlet, the thermostat housing or manifold close the coolant outlet on the engine.

Coolant flow emerges as one of the last aspects of an engine’s cooling system to be addressed; but typically, this is where a majority of cooling system problems originate. A stock standard mechanical water pump has excessive impellor clearance and straight impellor blades, usually open front and back. At low RPM, this style of impellor produces insufficient coolant flow resulting in an engine overheating. At high RPM the same style impellor generates cavitation and aeration, again resulting in an overheating engine. There’s a misconception, slowing down the mechanical water pump and thus the coolant flow may result in the engine operating cooler. When, in fact, it may only reduce possible cavitation. The most efficient method to circulate engine coolant is with an electric water pump that is monitored by an electronic controller that senses coolant temperature and varies the coolant flow commensurate with engine temperature. Davies Craig’s range of Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) with highly engineered swept-blade impellors and tight clearances in the volute chamber alleviate the possibilities of cavitation as the coolant flow is more evenly increased as the engine temperature increases and so on. The heat-monitored speed control of the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump, which is managed by the LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller is an engine cooling solution with multiple benefits; eliminates high/low RPM during acceleration and deacceleration, offers full coolant flow after hot engine shut-down as the EWP® and an electric fan will continue to operate for at least 3 minutes or until the engine is 10c below your targeted/set temperature. This prevents heat soak and possible hot spots that may form in the cylinder heads which can have dire consequences.