Davies Craig Releases New Air Bleed Fitting (1/4” NPT – Part #10412)

14/12/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig has recently released a new Air bleed fitting to aid in expelling air from an engine’s cooling system after the installation of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump. Utilising a simple method, the part helps ensure that all air can be removed from a cooling system, a pivotal step in ensuring its optimal performance. Through the use of a threaded bleed screw, the operator can open the fitting during coolant flow to allow all air to be removed, before tightening the fitting to ensure a sealed system free of air bubbles.

Despite being a common fixture on older cars, air bleed fittings are not common on modern day vehicles. The installation of a Davies Craig air bleed fitting is an added convenience to rid the cooling system of air pockets. Air pockets in any cooling system will ultimately lead to a failure as a result of an overheated engine.

The Air Bleed fitting has been designed to be mounted in the top radiator hose at the highest point of the cooling system. This fitting can be used in conjunction with the Nylon adaptor (part #10415), 3mm Rubber sleeves (part #18510) or 6mm Rubber sleeves (part #18511) for radiator hoses up to 50mm in diameter.

Air pockets are like kryptonite to a correctly functioning cooling system, so if you need to rid your system of pesky air pockets, look no further than our new Davies Craig Air Bleed Fitting.