Davies Craig Remote Mounted Electric Water Pump Size and Performance

24/01/2020 12:00AM

It’s said that size doesn’t matter. Eaters of chocolate bars may beg to differ, as would home theatre buffs when they mention screen size.

Car engines come in many sizes and have done size the first rolled off the construction line. One can head into a car showroom and be greeted with engines smaller than a bottle of soft drink, the size of a family aimed milk bottle, or bigger.

What this means is that a car’s cooling system that is designed to be a one size fits all will be good for one engine but not necessarily for another.

How It Works Without An EWP®.

Let’s take a quick look at how a mechanical system works. Whilst an engine is off, there is no cooling happening, as the radiator or heat exchanger requires fluid to be physically moved through the vertical chambers that have thin vanes attached to “exchange heat”.

When the engine is spinning it drives an impeller that’s generally mounted at the front of the engine block. That in turn is attached to a belt that is attached to the steering and alternator units. The engine’s design is such that a pair of thick rubber pipes send out and receive fluid to and from the radiator.

The downside is that once the engine has been switched off then there’s no energy being directed to create a flow. Bigger engines, or engines put under stress generate a lot of heat and therefore really do need a more efficient way of cooling.

This is where a remote-mounted EWP® or Electric Water Pump can make the difference. But which sized pump will be best for the cooling performance?

What About Performance?

This is where it gets a little technical. Davies Craig, one of the largest suppliers of after-market EWP® items, names their pumps in reference to the amount of fluid per minute. There are currently four remote-mounted electric water pumps and it’s important to note the intended usage against the flow rate per minute. There are 80 litres per minute, 115 litres per minute, 130 and 150 litres per minute. The highest flow, the EWP150®, is intended to be used in high performance or large engine applications.

Let’s say you’re driving a vehicle that has a fuel injected 350ci or 5.7L Chevrolet V8. It’s been “chipped” for better performance. A remote-mounted EWP80® is intended for engines of up to 2.0L in capacity, therefore it wouldn’t be suitable for a performance V8. Therefore, utilizing such a pump would be unsuitable and would affect the performance of the engine and its cooling system.

At the other end of the spectrum is using a remote-mounted EWP150® on a 2.0L engine. It would do a superb job but is a definitive case of overkill for the engine. That is, of course, presuming it’s a stock engine and being used for nothing other than normal driving. Remote-mount an EWP150® to a race-spec 2.0L being used in a drift situation then it would be fine.

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