Davies Craig Starter – Which Electric Water Pump (EWP®) Combination?

21/08/2019 12:00AM

As a world leader in their field, Davies Craig understands that sometimes a return to basics is what is needed. And so, it is with our new seven step series of articles on Electric Water Pumps (EWP®), their associated equipment, and installations.

Our EWP®s are great on their own, however in order to increase their efficiency, they can be partnered with our EWP® Kits and EWP® Combos. For the sake of keeping things easy for an example, we’ll look at a warmed over 2.0L four cylinder engine.

For engines up to and over 2.0L, the EWP®-80 and EWP®-115 will be just fine on their own.  Our EWP® kits come with the pump, and the parts needed to fit them without any extra controllers. There are also rubber sleeves, hose clamps which will assist in adapting the EWP® to larger hose sizes and the relay wiring harness.

However, the combo adds in a controller, a temperature sensor, and an adaptor to fit.  There are a number of controllers to choose from, such as the EWP® and Fan Controller (part number 8001) with this particular unit able to vary the pump’s flow depending on the temperature of the engine’s coolant.

A driver can set a temperature range of 40 degrees Celcius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) to 110 degrees Celcius (230 degrees Fahrenheit). This means that a warmed over 2.0L can do its thing and be assured of plenty of flow from either pump. Even better, thanks to the EWP® being powered by electricity and not the engine’s motion, it can be set to continue to flow after engine switch off.

Davies Craig also offer header adaptor kits which may, depending both on engine and application, suit your choice of EWP®.

Our next article will focus on the pump’s location and installation.