Davies Craig Thermatic Electric Fan Installation in 1971 MG B

13/07/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig has been asked by many buyers if a certain Thermatic Electric Fan or controller will suit their car. With such a broad range of products a buyer would be hard pressed not to find the perfect cooling device to suit their application. Once such man was Martin Rowe and his newly acquired British Racing Green 1971 MG B.

Britain is and has been home to numerous famous car brands including MG. Fabled for building a simple yet elegant open topped two seater range of cars, including the beautiful MG B, it’s becoming increasingly common for Davies Craig products to find a home inside the engine bay of such a car. Martin was in need of upgrading the cooling system in his own MG B after a rebuild of the car’s original radiator. Although this on its own was successful, he reported that the three bladed engine driven fan wasn’t up to the task of assisting the new radiator and was concerned about sitting in traffic in summer temperatures, the bane of many 1970s vintage British cars.

With familiarity of the brand stemming from a look around the Davies Craig stand at the 2017 Geelong Revival, the Australian owned brand was the logical choice when it came to finding a suitable solution. The only question that remained was what size Thermatic Fan to go with, 10 or 12-inch? Out came the tape measure and the 10-inch was selected (part #0147).


Crucial to any self-respecting handyman is a set of instructions that are clear, concise, and follow a logical procession. Davies Craig understand that not everyone has a degree in building Swedish furniture, and Martin reports that the level of clarity of the instructions for his chosen fan made installation a breeze.

Martin added a Digital Thermatic Switch (Part #0444) and Universal Fan Mounting Kit (Part #1000). Naturally, being a proud owner, he wanted the engine bay to look as clean as possible. The design of these parts enabled him to tuck them away and remain largely invisible to the casual glance.


The Universal Fan Mounting Kit allows for several mounting options including a “through the radiator” design. This allows a self-installer to bolt through the radiator vanes. This is the route Martin undertook and centrally located the fan directly ahead of the longitudinally mounted four-cylinder engine.


The final steps were to calibrate the thermo probe and switch. Again, Davies Craig’s instructions make this a process that is easy and logical. Some tweaking during testing had the system quickly set and Martin delightedly reports that hard and fast idle testing has the MG B showing no signs of misbehaving.

We look forward to further updates from Martin as the summer months roll in and the MG B gets more extensive use. 

Do you have an older British car that is your pride and joy, and in need of some assistance? Contact Davies Craig via our website to discuss the cooling options to suit your application.