Davies Craig Transmission Oil Cooler

30/01/2020 12:00AM

Davies Craig is an internationally recognized supplier of engine cooling components. Our range of electric water pumps, electrically powered Thermatic Fans®, and digital controllers are well known.

Engines aren’t the only things we can keep cool and Davies Craig is proud to announce a new transmission cooler kit for the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT 50, and related vehicles that are fitted with a Ford 6R80 transmission. This includes the Mustang.

What Is A Transmission Cooler?

As much as a car’s radiator, or heat exchanger, swaps heated fluid for cooler thanks to air flow, a transmission cooler does, in essence, the same thing. The difference here is that these keep the fluids, generally a type of oil, in a transmission cooler.

A gearbox is one of the hardest working parts of a car. Whether it’s a manual or an auto, it’s always spinning whilst an engine is running, and can generate some considerable temperatures. They’re mostly found in a car’s engine bay and not far from a radiator.

What causes Heat?

Everyday driving. It’s really nothing more complicated than that. From the engagement of Drive or first gear, through the range of ratios, from stop start driving to long distance country driving, a transmission is always working. More heat comes from the peak hour driving situations where cogs are engaged up and down the range, and airflow is minimal.

Heat is also caused by extra loading on the driveline, such as slow driving in sticky conditions such as mud, snow, or when towing.

Davies Craig Transmission Coolers

We offer two types of transmission coolers. For vehicles made before 1990 there is the Davies Craig ultra-cool transmission cooler. For vehicles after 1990 there is the hydra-cool, and this is also suitable for pre-1990 vehicles. The ultra-cool system works on a tube and fin design, where the fins exchange heat from the oil filled tubes. The hydra-cool is a plate and fin design, ideal for more compact spaces and for air-cooled applications.

Our New 6R80 Transmission Cooler

The Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 are the main market targets for our new 6R80 transmission cooler. However, there is a wide range of vehicles that use the same transmission. These include the Ford Transit van from 2015 to now, the Mustang from 2011 to 2017 with the V6 or EcoBoost turbo four cylinder, and the SZ TCDi Ford Territory from 2011 to 2016. Part number 1006 is what you’ll need to look for on our website.

It’s both compact and lightweight at just 1.6 kilograms, and our transmission coolers can reduce temperatures by as much as 33 degrees Celsius, which means a longer lifespan for your transmission.

www.daviescraig.com.au is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. Have you had issues with your transmissions overheating? Let us know your story via our social media outlets and here on our blog.