Davies Craig Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

20/04/2018 09:00AM

Driving a car involves a few things, including the human element of course. There’s fuel, oil, water, and rubber. Yup, those round black things at each corner which probably don’t get the love they deserve yet when you pick up your new car you’ll immediately notice the lovely shine of a new tyre.

But what happens when they’re neglected and disrespected is also simple. They tend to lose air and that’s not fun when that air escapes all at once thanks to a sidewall fracturing, for example.

Regular viewers of motorsport will be aware of how critical it is to have the right tyre pressure and this applies to our humble family car. Davies Craig offers three aftermarket systems under the umbrella name of Tyreguard that offer a tyre pressure monitoring system or TPMS, with each being designed for both ease of installation and ease of use.  What’s even more appealing is that the kits can monitor not just the four tyres on a car, they can do up to 22 tyres to suit a truck. But what’s the idea behind a TPMS?

Rubber is inherently flexible but in a tyre it needs to be kept at a certain minimum and maximum pressure to ensure that ride quality, handling, and comfort aren’t compromised. Over inflated tyres can have a car slipping, sliding, losing adhesion, and more prone, like a balloon, to having a foreign object penetrate. Under inflation has a car sluggish, harder to turn, and the sidewalls easier to peel off the rim. Fuel consumption will also suffer too.

By using the Davies Craig Tyreguard system these kinds of issues can be minimised and making your journey safer. The entry level iTPMS connects to your Apple device and is aimed at a car driver. The kit includes sensors that will broadcast to a range of up to ten metres, will monitor four tyres, and can be easily fitted inside a few minutes.

The Tyreguard 300 adds Android devices, is made dust and waterproof for off-road applications, monitors all four wheels and comes with both a two year battery life and the ability to measure to plus or minus one pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure.

The third system is the top of the range Tyreuard 400 and is customisable for up to 22 tyres. This one is ideal for truck drivers or caravanners as it will broadcast at a range of up to 7.6 metres in normal trim and up to 16 metres with a booster unit. The pressure range is higher, with a maximum read of 145 PSI. There is also the ability to customise the readouts too, with BAR, PSI, even kilopascals. And for extra peace of mind the Tyreguard 400 will also show the battery charge level on the unit’s display screen.

The kits are available to buy online here: https://daviescraig.com.au/tyreguard-tpms. Don’t forget to follow Davies Craig on social media and keep up to date by following the Davies Craig blog.