Davies Craig’s brand new Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit

02/09/2016 03:12PM

Davies Craig’s brand New Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit Released! 

Davies Craig is an industry leader in design, quality and innovation when it comes to automotive engine cooling and solutions. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have been manufacturing and distributing world class Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic Cooling Fans® around the world for over 45 years.  

That’s why we are excited to announce our new Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit that eliminates potential damage and worry by alerting the driver that coolant has reached a dangerously low level. This warning provides the driver with enough time to take preventative action before over-heating and significant engine failure occurs.  

Our Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit monitors the level of the coolant in the engine and notifies the user if any undesired drops in level occur. A loss of engine coolant can cause the water pump to lose pressure and can quickly overheat the engine. If a radiator hose frays, splits or begins to leak and the engine’s coolant is either low or lost, a temperature gauge will not be enough to alert the driver. This is where the Low Level Coolant Alarm adds security to assist in monitoring your engine’s coolant level.

The device features three choices of audible alarm patterns and the ability to trigger louder external alarms such as your car horn. The digital monitor can be easily mounted in the driver’s compartment and provides vital information regarding coolant level and even voltage. The Nylon Inline Sensor Adaptor simply fits into the top radiator hose of your engine and won’t produce electrolysis.

Our Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit consists of;

  • Compact Electronic Alarm Module – Dimensions, 120 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm
  • Mounting Pad
  • Nylon Inline Sensor Adaptor
  • Wiring Looms x 2
  • Hose Clamps x 2
  • Rubber Sleeve Adaptors 3 mm (1/8”) x 2
  • Installation Instructions

So to make sure your pride and joy is running its best, head over to our products section now whilst stocks last 

PART NO: 1035

$228.00(Ex. GST)