Davies Craig’s Compression Fitting Kit (part #0418)

22/06/2018 09:00AM

Automotive Cooling industry leader Davies Craig has been developing award winning Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic Electric Fans for almost 50 years. However now manufacturing capabilities go well beyond just pumps and coolers, with a host of other products to support its premium line of products.

One such products is the Davies Craig Compression Fitting Kit (part #0418) to suit its well-known Thermatic Switches. The Davies Craig Compression Fitting Kit is an optional accessory to use with either, the #0401, #0404, #0444 and/or #0455 products for customers who DON’T want to cut into their top radiator hose or place the Thermal Probe in the radiator fins.

This compression fitting will allow you to place the Thermal Probe from a #0401, #0404, #0444 and/or #0455 in a ¼” bung located in your vehicle’s radiator, engine block, thermostat housing etc.

The universal Compression Fitting Kit Comprises of:

  • Brass Compression Fitting & Locknut - ¼” NPT
  • 3 x Brass Olives – 1 x ¼”, 1 x 5mm and 1 x 6mm

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