Davies, Craig’s Electric Water Pumps now available as pump-only modules!

03/08/2018 09:00AM

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has officially announced all Electric Water Pumps are now available as pump-only modules. Individual part numbers have been set up so all the street-smart, remote mounted EWP®s can be purchased from your nearest stockist.

The availability of these pump-only modules allows those wishing to either replace or upgrade their EWP®  can do so simply and effectively by purchasing the respective pump module.  

The lightweight range of Electric Water Pumps are proving to be a revelation amongst the broader automotive aftermarket with their simple ease of installation, exceptional coolant flow, low current draw, lightweight rugged construction.

Davies Craig Electric Water pumps have been available for almost 20 years and while initially regarded as a ‘performance’ product to niche racing markets are now proving to be the lightweight replacement for the age-old mechanical water pump and a broad cross-section of vehicles globally, many of which are becoming very expensive and difficult to obtain. The Electric Water Pump module is a very cost effective way to either a replace, upgrade or for the end-user who has installed their own cooling system and require the EWP® only to complete their cooling package. Davies Craig continues to test and develop all the hi-performance EWP® models with the view to offering the automotive aftermarket another electric water pump alternative.

All Davies Craig’s EWPs® are specifically designed for remote mount universal fitment across a wide variety of engines. Their lightweight, compact design along with their extremely low current draw can vastly improve engine cooling management whilst releasing more horsepower, torque as well as decreasing fuel consumption. Combined with the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller, the pump continues to run on after engine shut down thus eliminating ‘heat soak’ and extending engine life.

The relevant part numbers for each of the EWP's can be found below for your reference. 

  • Part #8105 EWP80 (12v only)
  • Part #8125 EWP115 Nylon (12v)
  • Part #8126 EWP115 Nylon (24v)
  • Part #8140 EWP115 Alloy (12v)
  • Part #8141 EWP115 Alloy (24v)
  • Part #8160 EWP150 Alloy (12v)
  • Part #8161 EWP150 Alloy (24v)
  • Part #8180 EWP130 Alloy (12v)
  • Part #8181 EWP130 Alloy (24v)