Davies Craig's Range of Transmission Coolers

04/05/2018 09:00AM

Inside our cars are things a driver can see and feel. Steering wheel, obviously, radio controls, that annoying fly on the windscreen, and air-conditioning controls to stay cool during Australia’s blast furnace summers. Davies Craig knows this.

But underneath, who looks after the engine, wheels, tyres, and the transmission? Again, a driver can check air pressures, drop in some oil but when it comes to automatic transmissions, a good cooler is required to keep things…well…cool.

Transmissions are like engines and humans in that fluids are required. Autos, especially in the “old” torque converter styles, need fluid to work properly. But just like engines and people, staying cool helps performance, extends life, and increases efficiency. The coolers available from Davies Craig are engineered to help drop temperatures by as much as 33 degrees Celsius and are built to withstand pressures of up to 80 PSI (pounds per square inch). That second one is important as hotter oil expands

Davies Craig can offer two distinct transmission oil coolers; one to deal with pre-1990 vehicles called Ultra, and the Hydra to suit a wide variety of cars. The Ultra cores feature a tube and fin design for transfer of heat of fluid temperature to the air. The Hydra is more compact for tighter spaces. Visually, the Ultra looks like the cooling tubes seen on older fridges with the Ultra the more modern alloy radiator.

There are fifteen distinct combinations available from Davies Craig too. If your vehicle has a 24V electronics system a Hydra 21 plate cooler and fan to suit the voltage can be sourced. With a 20mm thickness, a compact 281mm length, and a fan diameter of eight inches this ensures plenty of air flow and cooling ability. For heavier 24v usage a 30-plate cooler and ten inch fan can be fitted.

The smallest Hydra system for a 12V system weighs just 331 grams so there’s no noticeable impost to a vehicle’s weight. At just 141mm in height, 281mm in width, and with 12 plates plus a near 12000 BTU heat transfer rate it’s an ideal starter for smaller vehicles.

At the other end of the scale is the 23 plate Hydra unit for a 12V system. At just 20mm thick and 281mm long this also fits in easily and is intended for high performance or high workload applications.

The Ultra comes in three size applications to suit a four, six, and eight cylinder engine. Again the physical sizes make for a compact setup, with the largest, to suit an eight cylinder, capable of transferring up to 10,800 BTU per hour.

Depending on the application, Davies Craig would recommend a digital Thermatic fan switch to ensure that the cooler is set to operate at the optimum temperature and within the best operating environment.

Some vehicles are built with transmission oil coolers already, however a driver may intend to use their car for constant towing, or to be used in hilly areas. Farmers in Australia’s arid zones too would benefit from a heavier duty transmission cooler, and with a high corrosion assistance factor engineered in, ensures that just about any working environment can be driven in with plenty of peace of mind.

Naturally all Transmission Oil Coolers are designed for universal fit and include fittings such as hose, appropriate clamps and a quick fit kit to suit.

Further details are available at https://daviescraig.com.au/category/transmission-oil-coolers and if you’re using one already, pleased drop us a line via our social media outlets.