Davies Craig’s Support of Formula SAE

06/05/2017 12:00AM

As a leading supplier of innovative engine cooling technologies, Davies Craig has been a longtime supporter of Formula SAE, of which many competitors utilise the enhanced cooling capabilities of Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps (EWP). Competition in this form of racing is incredibly tight, with some of the smartest minds in country searching for ways to gain an edge over fellow competitors.

Entrants are restricted to a 600cc motorcycle engine meaning there are only so many things to be done to differentiate themselves from the pack. Formula SAE engines are required to perform at high RPM’s during competition, whilst maintaining the ability to respond and accelerate very quickly. This style of competition renders itself as the perfect opportunity to utilise innovative and groundbreaking products.

Traditional mechanical water pumps will typically sap an engine of around 3-5kw, however an electric water pump such as the EWP80 allows a Formula SAE entrant to regain this power whilst saving fuel and weight. The EWP80 is a simple, do-it-yourself, remote-mounted Electric Water Pump that’s anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat resistant and incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability. Many competitors will also use Davies Craig Thermatic Fans on their vehicle’s radiator to achieve extra cooling on these high revving machines. 

Davies Craig EWPs have been on the market for 18 years and continue to provide both competitors and the general road user alike with an Australian made product that provides substantial benefits over traditional means of automotive cooling. When coupled with the Davies Craig LCD EWP & Fan digital controller, the EWP is the most efficient way to cool your engine! Click here to find out more about the Davies Craig EWP range.