EWP® Series Pt. 6 – How To Install The EWP® Whilst Keeping The Disengaged Mechanical Pump In Place

03/10/2019 12:00AM

The Davies Craig Electric Water Pump is a versatile and convenience piece of kit that can be utilised within your engine in a number of ways.

One of its’ convenient benefits is that it can be installed to bypass the engine’s own built in mechanical pump without the need to remove the mechanical pump in the first place. Best bought as one of the many kits available from Davies Craig, the procedure to install the EWP® and bypass the mechanical pump becomes easy to do.

A bit of prior planning will be required. Head to our distributor page to find your local store to purchase  the relevant kit  for your particular car’s cooling system.

As always, the car should be in a parked position and the ignition off. If possible, the battery should be temporarily disconnected. Depending on the layout of your car’s engine, the bolts holding the mechanical pump should be loosened to allow the drive belts to be removed. As there will be coolant being released from the pump being removed, a bucket of some sort should be placed directly underneath to assist in minimising wastage and mess.

The pump may be “welded” to the engine due to age and heat soak. A thin implement such as a flat head screwdriver may  need to be inserted between the pump housing and engine, to gently  lever off the existing pump housing. All care should be taken here.

Remove and disengage the mechanical water pump’s belt. Depending on the design of the mechanical pump, there may be different ways of disengaging the impeller. This may need some extra bolts being released to remove the impeller.

The pump housing should have the pulley for the belts, once the housing is reinstalled and tightened down, the belts can be put back into place. The housing will have inlet and outlet ports. These will need to be blanked off to ensure the EWP® is the only source of moving fluid through the system.

Install the EWP® as per the instructions provided in the pack, and if the battery had been  disconnected at the start of the process, now reconnect. Start the car once everything has been cleared and cleaned, and check for leaks.

Our final instalment will be: How to install the EWP® whilst removing the mechanical water pump.