Hot Summer Days, Holidays, Stop/Start Traffic... A Recipe for an Overheating Engine

16/11/2018 09:00AM

We have all been there… looking forward to summer holidays heading to the surf, sand or the bush with the van and car loaded, all hooked up and so too are thousands of other sun seekers with the same idea. You’re banked up in a huge line of traffic going nowhere fast… Or, your climbing that ‘favourite’ hill with the car and van loaded to the hilt…and the engine temp gauge is about to go off the scale!

Don’t let this happen to you! It is preventable with some pre-planning;

  • Radiator clean and air passages free of foreign matter, coolant flushed and topped up?
  • Check radiator for leaks and that the radiator cap is holding the correct pressure
  • Electric engine fan and A/C condenser fan operating efficiently?
  • Mechanical water pump not offering sufficient coolant circulation?
  • …the list goes on.

Mechanical pumps were designed to be more efficient at idle, but the higher the engine revs the less efficient they become as the manufacturer believes the ram air will be sufficient to assist cool the engine - not so when the engine is under load or you are stationary and therefore a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump, acting as a ‘booster’ may be the answer.

By simply installing the most suitable model Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP) to your engine’s bottom radiator hose you may well solve your engine overheating issue - if you have managed to tick off all of the above.

As you may imagine there aren’t too overheating issues that Australian owned and operated manufacturer Davies Craig Pty Ltd hasn’t had to deal with over the past 48 years!

Depending on your full circumstances, there may be a number of other issues causing your engine to overheat and it’s a process of elimination to work one’s way through each in order to resolve the problem. Clearly when the new vehicle left the factory it didn’t overheat so there has to be a solution.

Go to the Davies Craig website; for more information.