Installation of a EWP130 Electric Water Pump Combo to CJ8 Jeep

01/03/2016 01:00AM


Davies Craig undertook to assist a customer who was experiencing an overheating issue with his CJ8 Jeep equipped with the 4.2 litre, 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed automatic transmission by replacing the mechanical water pump with an Electric Water Pump (EWP130) and Digital Controller. (Part No: 8890) 


The Jeep was brought into our R & D area where the engineering department proceeded to dismantle the engine parts associated with the engines cooling system. Firstly, the coolant was drained and retained. The top and bottom radiator hoses were removed and then the radiator was removed. The drive belts were loosened and removed and then the mechanical water pump was removed.


(The following are captions to the photographs relating to this removal of the installation carried out by Davies Craig’s engineering staff) Ref: Admin/1- stock images- Videos & Catalogues/Products Cam’s Jeep Conversion Dec2015)


Photos #1, 2, 3, 4 – The customer supplied an existing mechanical water pump housing with the fan drive shaft and impellor removed.

Cam Jeep 1.jpg


Photos #5 & 6 – The top and bottom radiator hoses were removed and retained for use during the EWP installation.Cam Jeep 5-6.jpg

Photo #7 & 8 – The Viscous Fan Clutch and blade were removed.

Cam Jeep 7-8.jpg


Photo #9 – The radiator was removed.

Cam Jeep 9.jpg

Photos #10, 11 & 12 – The existing mechanical water pump and thermostat housings were removed.

Cam Jeep 10-12.jpg


Photos #13 & 14 – The radiator was sent to Aussie Desert Coolers to have the mounting lugs welded into the outer frame to accommodate the mounting of the Davies Craig 16” Thermatic Fan.

Cam Jeep 13-14.jpg


Photos #15 & 16 – The EWP130 Electric Water Pump was fitted to the bottom radiator hose. Some of the existing bottom hose was retained.

Cam Jeep 15-16.jpg


Photo #10 – The modified mechanical water pump housing and the thermostat housings were bolted to the block.

Cam Jeep 17-18.jpg


Photos #6 – The Digital Controller ‘s Thermal Sensor was placed in the top radiator hose.

Cam Jeep 19.jpg


Photo #8 - The radiator with the chrome 16” Thermatic Fan mounted was reinstalled. The wiring & relay mounted and fitted.

Cam Jeep 20.jpg


Photos #1 & #2 – The entire cooling system was filled with particular attention paid to ensuring all the air was removed.

Cam Jeep 21-22.jpg


Photo #3 – The LCD EWP/ Fan Digital Controller was mounted under the dashboard along with the LED warning light.

Cam Jeep 23.jpg