“Kurleys” Stretched Limo Kombi

23/03/2018 10:00AM

One very entrepreneurial young West Australian has taken one of the world’s most iconic vans and turned it into a money-making, people-moving machine! Ricky 'Curly' Wood took to a 1962 VW Kombo and stretched it to a very comfortable 10-seater! Along with this chassis stretching process Ricky replaced the 1600 VW air-cooled motor with 2.5 litre Subaru, water-cooled, fuel injected boxer engine. This gave him the opportunity to install air-conditioning and some of the other creature comforts that wedding parties, formal ball goers and other passengers expect these days.

One area that needed close attention was the Subaru’s engine cooling system, “Curly” turned to Davies Craig for some assistance. Davies Craig recommended he install a EWP150 with a LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller. This installation transformed the machine into one cool Kombi. Total peace of mind when travelling at a slow pace in a convoy of wedding cars or just sitting at traffic lights, slow moving traffic was always fraught with anxiety wondering if the engine temperature was about to go through the roof! Attention was paid to the positioning of the Kombi’s radiators and the routing of the engine’s cooling system to ensure he gained maximum efficiency form the efficient and even coolant flow now being generated by the EWP, the positioning of the Thermal Sensor and strategic use of his LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller. Davies Craig was eminently qualified to offer Curly assistance as the company had previous experience installing the 2.5 litre Subaru engine in the 1955 Porsche Spyder replica.

Once again Davies Craig has proven that, it isn't only ‘performance’ vehicles’ engines that can be ‘tamed’ from excessive heat. A lovingly cared for Kombi can manage an EWP Combo installation and continue to carry out some excellent work in some of the most trying climatic conditions which the West Australians can experience, just like the Californians, heat, heat and more heat, one of the biggest ‘killers’ of engines! Curly has a range of classic and vintage limousines vehicles that can be used for weddings, parties, hotel & airport transfers, concerts, customised tours of Perth, Fremantle and the Swan Valley wine region and any other social occasion. Way to go, well done Curly!