LT1 Electric Water Pump & LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller

24/12/2019 12:00AM

What Is the LT1?

It’s a small block V8 manufactured by Chevrolet from 1970 to 1972 and known as the Generation 1. General Motors manufactured a similar engine from 1992 to 1997 and was known as the Generation 11. Capacity was 5.7L or the better known 350ci. This engine featured solid lifters bouncing off a performance camshaft, and found in the muscle cars of the time, the Corvette and Camaro. The power was rated as high as 276kW in the Corvette and 268kW in the Camaro.

The Davies Craig LT1 Electric Water Pump.

The Davies Craig Davies Craig Adaptor Kit part #8610 is designed for installation to the small block LT1 350. The Davies Craig Chevy 350 Adaptor kit has been designed to operate in conjunction with our Electric Water Pump Combo Kits.

The Adaptor Kit includes the two alloy inlet adaptors, hose clamps, silicone hose, and a comprehensive Installation Instructions.

Which Electric Water Pump suits my LT1?

Davies Craig recommends our high flowing EWP®130 as a minimum for the Chevy LT1. However, given the 5.7L capacity, another suitable option is the Davies Craig EWP®150. Our EWP® combo kits make things easier as they include the LCD EWP® & Fan Digital Controller, wiring harness, temperature sensor and inline adaptor, plus the EWP® and rubber sleeves to adapt your chosen LT1 Electric Water Pump to larger hose sizes.  An Electric Thermatic® fan is always recommended.


What About Fitment?

The Davies Craig Kits are supplied with comprehensive Installation Instructions. These cover the removal of the existing pump, which hoses to use, and where to install the relevant parts for the EWP® fitment.

Davies Craig backs this product with sales assistance when it comes to supplying the appropriate Chevy 350 Electric Water Pumps for your engine. is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. We’d love to hear about your installations and which LT1 suitable Electric Water Pump you chose, and if you used a competitor before coming to Davies Craig. Let us know here via our blog comments section or our social media pages.