'Matilda' - The Paddleboat Running EWP80

13/05/2017 12:00AM

The market leaders of the Australian automotive cooling industry, Davies Craig, are proud to have played a role in getting Matilda, the Paddleboat, back on the water and running efficiently with a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump. Whilst Davies Craig products are typically used in land applications, it was hugely satisfying to see the EWP80 provide assistance in a far from ordinary on-water application.

Peter Allen, the owner of the magnificent Matilda, notified us recently of the paddleboat’s ability to travel for four hours at an ambient temperature of 38⁰C with engine temperature remaining constant at 82⁰C and oil pressure at 42psi. Peter went on to explain that previously to fitting the Davies Craig EWP80 and an external oil cooler, engine temperature’s would have been much higher whist oil pressure would have been significantly lower! Once again, the Davies Craig EWP has come to the rescue of an engine suffering under the burden of the iron-age belt-driven mechanical water pump.

The EWP80 is a simple, easy to install product that has been designed to complement or replace the existing belt-driven, mechanical water pump. It will fit most vehicle makes and models fitted with naturally-aspirated or turbo engines up to two-litres. The revolutionary EWP 80 is made from anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon and incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability. The EWP80, as well as all other Davies Craig EWP’s is designed and built locally in Australia.

Whilst affording you even greater cooling control, the EWP80 will allow you added power and improved fuel economy. By removing the parasitic power loses of a belt-driven, mechanical water pump, the EWP can provide you with up to 10kw of extra power and increased torque.