Monash Motorsport March 2018 Update

09/03/2018 10:00AM

Now that the Christmas and New Year’s period is over, the team at Monash Motorsport have been busy getting ready for a full on assault in 2018. Monash is part of a global Formula – Society of Automotive Engineers collaborative with a focus on working with students in designing a Formula style race vehicle.

The Monash team, with backing from Davies Craig now entering its fifth year, are at the forefront of this worldwide initiative and since the New Year ticked over have been working further on design elements such as wing profiles, using materials (hard and soft) in testing to look at what shape and which kind of material provides the optimum profile and downforce at speed. There’s also 3D printed items that are being evaluated.

The students recently unveiled a new undertray for one of their design projects, one of a pair of vehicles known as M17-C and M17-E as part of the development work. C for Combustion, E for Electric, of course.

 In an exciting time for the team, both cars have been invited to compete at the 2018 iMech Formula Student UK, Formula Student Austria, and Formula Student Germany E.V. events This will pit the Australian team against some of the best in their field from European universities.

Part of the lead up to taking the cars overseas is, naturally, track based testing. Early February and the first week of March saw the Monash Motorsport F-SAE crew venture to the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Warrnambool. This puts to a practical test the work that the students and lecturers have performed.

And in a late piece of news that again will bring Monash Motorsport to the fore, they’ve been invited to develop and produce a fully autonomous vehicle and to test that car at the Formula Student Germany trials.

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