Off-roading With Davies Craig

10/04/2019 12:00AM

A car’s cooling system is designed to be as flexible as possible and deal with as many varying driving conditions as possible. That includes highway driving, lapping carparks looking for that last remaining car park, and being in a traffic jam at 6:45am. On a stinking hot summer’s morning.

But what about the times you want to get dirty? Taking a 4x4 off-road is something that most drivers never do, but those that enjoy getting dirty will ensure that their mechanical system is in tip top shape, and they’ll ensure their electrical system is sparking just fine. And their cooling?

Davies Craig has helped many off-road drivers and racers with their vast ranges of fans and controllers. Air and fluid flow are critical when working an engine hard, and when off-roading, thermal stress and constant fluid movement need as much cooling as can be delivered.

An ideal off-road cooling system needs high, constant, air and  COOLANT flow, a thermo switch and fan controller to bring in those flows as required, and high flow electric water pumps. The EWP-130 or EWP-150 from Davies Craig would be ideal here. With rated flows of 130 litres per minute and 150 litres per minute, these electric water pumps will be perfect for circulating hot and stressed fluids.

And both are lightweight too. Made from powder-coated aluminium, the EWP130 is tipping the scales at just 1.226 kilos, and the EWP150 a little less at 1.170 kilos. This means less mass than a cast iron item, better heat dissipation as they work, and less mass for a car to move around.

Partner these two big flowing items with a fan to suit the radiator and a digital controller that varies the pump’s and fan’s flow as & when required, and the off-road experience becomes more enjoyable thanks to the peace of mind Davies Craig offers. is the one stop online shop for your off-road compatible cooling equipment needs. We’d love to hear about your off-road exploits and how your Davies Craig fans and EWPs helped you keep your cool whilst getting dirty. Check in via our blog comments or our social media pages.