Overheating Ford XP Falcon Windsor V8 Fixed with an Electric Water Pump (EWP)

12/01/2015 07:27PM

One of our customers was happy to share his experience with an overheating Ford XP Falcon and the soultion, our EWP.

XP Falcon runs a Windsor V8 and prior to running the EWP, was suffering from heat soak.


In the top hose I used what I make as a bottom hose radiator drain plug. So many aftermarket radiators do not have them and it is annoying to have to remove a hose. You cannot see the plug as it is underneath although we will never use the plug in this set up with the top hose.

The join came about as we could not find the correct top hose so the heater hose runs from the EWP back into the top hose into the fitting as that was the best place to fit it.

Heater Hose.jpg

Here you can see the heater hose plumbed to the top of the block or just above the thermostat housing or beside the distributor. So in effect we bypass the thermostat leaving it in place to work as it should. With the engine cold we can flow water easily and even bleed the system of air.

The EWP is in the bottom right of the photo. You can see the heater hose to the EWP then back to the T join in the top hose.

EWP mounted up. EWP is just on a switch and next to the electric fan switch. Set up allows to turn on the pump and fan as required.
At highway speed the mechanical pump will be ok but the EWP can be turned on in traffic, slower speeds or at idle the same goes for the fan.

Have left the V8 at idle for some minutes to heat up after a test drive. This would in the past see the vehicle heat up with what you called heat soak.

With the EWP running and the vehicle at idle all appears to stay much cooler now.
Will find out more when the weather warms up but at this point in time this set up looks to me like it will work.