SBC Electric Water Pump Guide – How-to and Installation

10/10/2019 12:00AM

One of the most popular engine transplants between brands is that of the Small Block Chev or SBC into cars such as a Jaguar XJ6.

As a rule, they’ve turned out to be either  lighter and more fuel efficient, or, when placed into cars for motorsport purposes, the SBC gets a harder workout.

As a result, a good cooling system is needed and Davies Craig has just the right product to help keep an SBC running at an optimal temperature.

Which Electric Water Pump Should I Use For an SBC Engine?

After some solid research, it seems our EWP®150 has become the Electric Water Pump, or EWP, of choice. Some have chosen, for their specific purposes, the EWP®115, with 115 litres of flow per minute. Unsurprisingly, many installers have also chosen to use one of our digital controllers.

This makes perfect sense, and makes the pairing an ideal choice for an SBC electric water pump installation. Their relatively compact design and basic structure allows for comparatively simple swaps, and then makes installation of an EWP® and controller just as easy.

When Should You Use an Electric Water Pump For an SBC Engine?

Some SBCs were known to have some flow issues when it came to cooling. By bolting in an EWP®150, with a flow rate of up to 150 litres of coolant per minute, these issues are easily tamed. A benefit of using a Davies Craig EWP® is the fact the pump can be bought with a kit that covers all aspects of installation. Then there’s the weight reduction, with an EWP®150 weighing less than 1.2 kilos.

Drivers can choose to use an EWP® on its own to replace the mechanical water pump built into the SBC.  Kits and parts allow the connections on the engine’s mechanical pump to be bypassed and blocked off, ensuring flowing is via the EWP® solely. Due to the flexibility of the packaging, an EWP® can then be mounted anywhere between the radiator and engine. Depending on the engine bay of the car the SBC is going into, the EWP® can be left free between the hoses, or mounted into a chassis rail, or perhaps an internal wheel arch.

Or, an owner can choose an all-in-one adaptor kit, such as our Header Adaptor for Small Block Chevs as an ideal accessory to an EWP® on its own. Here, the kit supplies the clamps, pipe, and bolt-on adaptors for the Small Block Chev, which means all that is required is a couple of spanners, a screwdriver or two, and of course, a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump.

Controlling Electric Water Pump in SBC Engine

By using a digital controller for a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump, a driver can then set the controller to continue flowing coolant through an SBC after the engine has been powered down. This is ideal for motorsport applications.

A controller can also set an EWP® and a Davies Craig thermatic fan to run from a preset temperature, such as those occurring during city stop-start traffic. With most Small Block Chevs running a belt driven fan, it’s highly recommended that a Davies Craig Thermatic fan be installed to replace that.

An EWP®150 from Davies Craig has been engineered to cope with power variances, meaning it will cope with voltage as low as 3V or a high 15V. It’s also engineered to cope with huge temperature changes. This means a drifter in Norway can start their car in conditions as low as -40Celcius and deal with heat in the heart of a desert up to 130Celcius. And being made of powder coated aluminuim, it’s strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. It’s also available to buy on its own, or in two kits, one of which includes the digital controller.

Davies Craig has plenty of assistance and a broad product range when it comes to supplying SBC engines with an EWP® and accessories. is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. We’d love to hear about your installations and if you used a competitor before coming to Davies Craig. Let us know here via our blog comments section or our social media pages.