Stuart Locke’s not so ‘lazy’ VW V8 Kombi Hauler

02/09/2020 12:00AM

Davies Craig was happy to assist Stuart Locke of VW Insomnia with his VW V8 Kombo, dual axle hauler. This project was to last 4 years from concept to creation.  Nearly 90% of the build was completed in last 3 months but as this was replacing his normal work and under pressure to complete his customer’s vehicles time got away and the remaining work was fitted in between over the ensuring years.

The decision to build a 6-wheeler using a reversed Kombi torsion housing as the lazy axle and make a tray bed big enough to carry a beetle was relatively simple. The headaches started when Stuart decided to install a Leyland V8 engine. Engine coolant does not usually go with air-cooled VW Kombi’s and we all know why.

With an incorrect, ill-fitting radiator, a leaking mechanical water pump, discovered as soon as Stuart added coolant. The carburettor being another challenge as it was too high and came through the tray floor, not ideal!

So, a new radiator was sourced from Ferntree Gully Radiators and a new EWP115 Electric Water Pump Combo Pack from Davies Craig which Stuart upgraded to an EWP150 recently. A custom-made intake manifold with a new 45mm weber and the V8 motor was ready for action!

After a quick test run it was decided to send the motor across to Hanz at Highport Heads where he stripped it down and freshened up the internals, excellent work!

Stuart has now had his Kombi Hauler on the road for well over a year, ironed out all the bugs (no pun intended) and this lazy axle work horse is now being used for the jobs it was designed for – carrying beloved Volkswagens, Country Buggies etc. around the state and indeed the country!

The Davies Craig EWP/Fan Digital Controller is now mounted in the cabin just below the gauges and Stuart grafted the LED warning light into the dashboard. The Controller is an excellent addition as he can now read his voltage, engine temperature, fan control etc from the driver’s seat all the important options Stuart has never had the luxury see on a normal Kombi dashboard.

During the build process Stuart called on a number of good people and he would like to give a big shout out to:

  • Steelies Wheel Co - 20”x 8” Fronts
  • Tin god solutions - 15”x 7” Rears
  • Ferntree Gully Radiators
  • Davies Craig – Electric Water Pump, EWP150 Combo Pack
  • The Pirate – Electrical support
  • Mc Quarry Place boys for mechanical support, Boris, Stu & Johnny
  • Project support - Westy, Hillsy, James & the lovely Kay
  • Sign writing - Julz Neville
  • Engineering - Rowan Carter
  • Hanz Highport Heads - Engine rebuild

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