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Automotive Cooling Systems ~ Evolving Technology

23/05/2024 12:00AM | By John Benson
One significant advance in fuel economy, emissions reduction and power train performance lies within one single area of the vehicle: the engine’s cooling system.
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Tom & Mike Drewer - 1964 VW Beetle Speed Record at The Dry Lakes Racers Australia

10/05/2023 12:00AM | By John Benson 0 Comment(s)
  After years promoting the virtues of motorsports, public relations guru Mike Drewer has been racing for himself across the salt bed of Lake Ga...
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History and form on Davies Craig’s side when it comes to assisting air conditioning systems! Who w

08/06/2021 12:00AM
Who would have thought, that back in the ‘60’s two young Aussies Daryl Davies and Bill Craig would carve out a niche in Australian automotive aftermarket history with their innovative work developing Australian automotive and air conditioning electric fans?
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Which size Davies, Craig Electric Thermatic® Fan, suits my radiator?

29/04/2021 12:00AM
So how do I find out which Davies Craig Electric Thermatic® Fan suits my car?
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Davies Craig Receives Global Media Award at SEMA

15/12/2017 10:00AM
Being the biggest automotive aftermarket show in the world, Davies Craig couldn’t wait to head to Las Vegas to not only showcase our own products, but also get an inside look at the latest and greatest products in the industry. Davies, Craig was incredibly honoured and excited to receive the SEMA Global Media Award at this year’s event for our innovative LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller.
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