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Automotive Cooling Systems ~ Evolving Technology

23/05/2024 12:00AM | By John Benson
One significant advance in fuel economy, emissions reduction and power train performance lies within one single area of the vehicle: the engine’s cooling system.
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Westfield Seight Rover V8 - Electric Water Pump (EWP150) Conversion

20/11/2023 12:00AM | By Paul Jenkins
One issue I had early on was cooling, there are two headers in a very small engine bay, and the maximum frontal area of the radiator is limited to around 11 inches, which quite honestly is too small for a mildly tuned V8.
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11/10/2022 12:00AM | By Daryl Davies
Australian specialist pump designer & manufacturer, Davies, Craig has introduced its newest range of marine, DC powered, electric water pumps.
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I Installed a Davies, Craig Electric Water Pumps on our 1929 Model A Ford Speedster

04/10/2022 12:00AM | By Bob Beers
I installed a Davies, Craig Electric Water Pumps on our 1929 Model A Ford Speedster, and we are very happy with the performance. I wrote an article that have have shared with fellow vintage automobile performance folks. I have enclosed that information below. Thanks for a great product. Bob Whe
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History and form on Davies Craig’s side when it comes to assisting air conditioning systems! Who w

08/06/2021 12:00AM
Who would have thought, that back in the ‘60’s two young Aussies Daryl Davies and Bill Craig would carve out a niche in Australian automotive aftermarket history with their innovative work developing Australian automotive and air conditioning electric fans?
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Setting up a water-cooled turbocharger using an Electric Water Pump

25/11/2020 12:00AM
Turbochargers generate an enormous amount of heat. Heat-soak is a huge factor with turbochargers, can ‘kill’ them fast and must be brought under control after engine shut-down. Heat originates in the exhaust system and during solid use, high exhaust temperatures unload enormous quantities of heat into the exhaust manifolds, turbine housing, and turbine wheel.
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Davies, Craig For Your Overheating Small Block Chevrolet

17/01/2020 12:00AM
Chevrolet’s small block V8 engines are known for their strength and durability. But like anything mechanical, Small Block Chev overheating issues can occur and it can sometimes be a matter of following a path from a to z to identify the cause of SBC overheating problems. The most easily recognised indicator? Keep an eye on the car’s temperature gauge.
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Drifting with Davies Craig & Australian Jake “Driftsquid” Jones

09/12/2019 12:00AM
Australian Jake “Driftsquid” Jones is one of those and showcases his immense talent regularly around the country. Jones recognises the strain that the engine and cooling system is put under during a full power drift session and he’s called upon Davies Craig to be the main cooling suppliers for his RB26 powered RBM3.
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