Automotive Cooling Systems ~ Evolving Technology

23/05/2024 12:00AM | By John Benson
One significant advance in fuel economy, emissions reduction and power train performance lies within one single area of the vehicle: the engine’s cooling system.
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Westfield Seight Rover V8 - Electric Water Pump (EWP150) Conversion

20/11/2023 12:00AM | By Paul Jenkins
One issue I had early on was cooling, there are two headers in a very small engine bay, and the maximum frontal area of the radiator is limited to around 11 inches, which quite honestly is too small for a mildly tuned V8.
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11/10/2022 12:00AM | By Daryl Davies
Australian specialist pump designer & manufacturer, Davies, Craig has introduced its newest range of marine, DC powered, electric water pumps.
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History and form on Davies Craig’s side when it comes to assisting air conditioning systems! Who w

08/06/2021 12:00AM
Who would have thought, that back in the ‘60’s two young Aussies Daryl Davies and Bill Craig would carve out a niche in Australian automotive aftermarket history with their innovative work developing Australian automotive and air conditioning electric fans?
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