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Westfield Seight Rover V8 - Electric Water Pump (EWP150) Conversion

20/11/2023 12:00AM | By Paul Jenkins
One issue I had early on was cooling, there are two headers in a very small engine bay, and the maximum frontal area of the radiator is limited to around 11 inches, which quite honestly is too small for a mildly tuned V8.
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Tom & Mike Drewer - 1964 VW Beetle Speed Record at The Dry Lakes Racers Australia

10/05/2023 12:00AM | By John Benson 0 Comment(s)
  After years promoting the virtues of motorsports, public relations guru Mike Drewer has been racing for himself across the salt bed of Lake Ga...
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I Installed a Davies, Craig Electric Water Pumps on our 1929 Model A Ford Speedster

04/10/2022 12:00AM | By Bob Beers
I installed a Davies, Craig Electric Water Pumps on our 1929 Model A Ford Speedster, and we are very happy with the performance. I wrote an article that have have shared with fellow vintage automobile performance folks. I have enclosed that information below. Thanks for a great product. Bob Whe
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The Advantages of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump

18/02/2017 05:00AM
Davies Craig’s Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) are redefining the way engines maintain an optimal operating temperature. They do so by utilising a low amount of DC current to consistently monitor and maintain a specified engine temperature. There are a number of benefits to running Electric Water Pumps which we will outline in this article.
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