Taking a look at Davies Craig’s Thermatic® Fan Switch’s

07/01/2017 05:00AM

Davies Craig is an industry leader in design, quality and innovation when it comes to automotive engine cooling and solutions. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have been manufacturing and distributing world class Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic Cooling Fans® around the world for over 45 years. Here at Davies Craig, we also offer class leading Thermatic® Fan Switches to compliment out broad range of Thermatic Cooling Fans® 

Davies Craig can supply three types of thermal switches to complement your choice of Thermatic® Fan/s.

  • Mechanical Thermatic® Fan Switch (Part #0401)
    This switch is mounted in the engine bay near the radiator and the stainless steel probe is fitted inside the top radiator hose. Should you wish to place the probe into the top radiator hose, Part#0400 Combo Kit should be purchased containing the Temp. Sensor Adaptor Kit which can be cut into the top radiator hose.
  • Digital Thermatic® Fan Switch (Part #0444)
    This switch automatically activates the Thermatic® Fan at your set/targeted temperature when extra cooling is required. Dual relays, the switch provides dual fan activation from 40°c to 110°c (104°F to 230°F). Thermal Sensor probe can be positioned in either the top radiator hose (using #0409 Temp. Sensor Adapter Kit) or in the top fin area of the radiator.
  • Premium Thermatic Fan Switch (Part #0455)
    This switch is equipped with the proven stainless steel temperature sensor probe which can be conveniently locked into the radiator fins close to the hot coolant inlet or placed into the top radiator hose for accurate coolant temperature readings. (Note: Part#0409, Temp Sensor Adaptor Kit – not supplied).

So when it comes to finishing off you cooling package, you can count on Davies Craig to deliver high quality products that perform time and time again!

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