The benefits of a Davies Craig Thermatic Fan

24/06/2017 12:00AM

Traditional belt-driven fan clutches have been available as standard equipment on many passenger and SUV vehicles for decades. Over time, Davies Craig have extensively monitored and examined the inherent issues associated with such a product and launched our range of Thermatic Fans to much fanfare. Davies Craig Thermatic Fans operate totally independently of the car’s engine and are controlled by a Thermatic Fan Switch which can be adjusted to engage at your engine’s thermostat temperature opening for maximum cooling effect.

Automotive Electric Fans offer a more efficient, energy-saving alternative over a fan clutch or belt-driven mechanical fan. A fan clutch is never fully disengaged; it keeps on spinning at approximately 30% of the water pump speed at all times. The fan clutch will also limit how fast the fan can rotate and only turns the fan at a fraction of the water pump speed, depending on engine speed and temperature.

A significant advantage to the Davies Craig Thermatic Fan is the recovery of parasitic power losses. As a result of the fashion in which mechanical fans operate, power will be lost. The Davies Craig Electric Fan will release these losses from your engines power, thus increasing power and improving fuel efficiency, making it a great option for standard and performance vehicles alike.

The benefits of straight fan blades v curved fan blades has been a constant point of discussion amongst automotive enthusiasts over the years. However there is no doubt about it, whilst potentially louder, straight fan blades provide a significant performance benefit over the curved competition.  The loss in performance is caused by the fact that curved blades stall at a lower static pressure than straight blades. If a fan moves less air, then simply, you can expect less noise.

Davies Craig are the market leaders in Automotive cooling in Australia, our range of Thermatic Fans, Switches and Electric Water Pumps have revolutionised the industry. Australian owned and produced, Davies Craig can provide you with the automotive cooling solution you desire.