The Davies Craig Digital Gauge Thermatic° Fan/EWP° Switch Kit

28/05/2019 12:00AM

Davies Craig’s has a very strong after-sales service and customer focus that extends world-wide. This Australian auto cooling products manufacturer specializes in ensuring that their product range integrates so well that most DYI end-users  can install their products.

The new the Digital Gauge Thermatic® Fan/EWP Switch One is one such example. Simple to use and vital to the effective performance of the cooling system, Davies Craig has produced this product for their Thermatic° fans and Electric Water Pumps (EWP°). Part #0500, the 2” gauge allows easy placement inside the cabin of a vehicle.

Compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, the Digital Gauge Thermatic® Fan/EWP Switch allows programming access to one or two Thermatic® fans and simultaneous control of an Electric Water Pump. Precise built-in temperature control with a range from  41°F to 230°F. This means just almost every driving environment can be covered by this package and allows a driver to change on-the-go temperatures the fans and pump can activate as required.

The flexibility of the Davies Craig systems allows a sensor to be placed in the airstream of the radiator and have the Digital Gauge Thermatic® Fan/EWP Switch read the air temperature in the radiator fins, or the coolant temperature with a sensor placed appropriately via the Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit (#0409). There is even an audible alarm should the sensor read excessive temperatures and the gauge’s quick press buttons can be accessed to activate the fans and pumps should the alarm sound.

The #0500 kit  comes with all the parts needed to install it quickly and easily; from fuses to connectors, to crimp terminals to the wiring loom, it’s all here. is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. We’d love to hear about your installations and how they’ve worked for you! Check in via our blog comments or our social media pages.

Watch the video below for more information on the Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan/EWP Switch!